Simple Pricing

Pricing Includes

• Warehouse Management Software with Real Time Inventory updates

• Dedicated Account Manager inside the Warehouse

• 1-3 Days Deliveries based on our Location (Champaign, IL)

• Inventory Receiving and Inspection

Discounted prices may apply based on SKU volumes and prep standards.

FBA Fees

FNSKU Labeling + Handling

U$D 0.90

+ Polybag

U$D 0.20

+ Bubble Wrapping

USD 0.25/sq. ft

+ Packs

 (1st Unit USD 0.90 + Extra Unit)

USD 0.40/extra

+ Kitting/Bundles

FBM & E-Commerce Fulfillment Fees

First Pick Fee

U$D 2.50

+ Additional Item

U$D 0.50

+ Insert or Promo

U$D 0.20


Pallet (48x40x60)

U$D 30.00/mo

Shelf (24x12x12)

U$D 8.99/mo



U$D 20.00

Carton Forward (minimum 5 cases)

U$D 3.00


Pallet in/out fee

U$D 4.00

Handling Fee

Packaging Material

Return Management & Amazon Removals

U$D 1.50

/per unit

+ Additional Item

U$D 0.50

+ Bulk return order process

U$D 20.00

Additional Services

Warehouse Hourly Rate

U$D 40.00


Inspection conducted per client guidelines, repackaging of refurbished returns, provision of evidence for damaged items, quality control or other general tasks.

Minimum Service Fee

USD 150.00


There is a cost to set up your account warehouse space and give you the best support for your successful business. Our minimum service fee is $150/month, which will be billed back to you on your first invoice. Be aware that the amount is non-refundable if you do not send any inventory in.