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ZK Shipping handles fulfillment, distribution, and warehousing management to alleviate labor fulfillment processes and high infrastructure storage costs.

Our warehouse services are from simple storage of goods to kitting, picking and packing, and shipping services.

Kitting services:
Ship components from different manufacturers to our Warehouse, and our team will handle the necessary light assembly before shipping. We can add product labels and package inserts. Kitting can be helpful to your customer when they need complementary products. It can also save shipping costs because they can be packed together. You get more sales when making life easier for your customers.

Pick and pack services:
When one of your customers places an order, all items in our Warehouse are collected from their storage locations and transported to our packing station, where our team will securely pack, seal, and labels them to ship. Although pick and pack services seem simple, there is a complex science behind the scenes with methods and strategies to help you run your business more efficiently.

Storage Services:
We provide storage services for different products in diverse sizes and weights. We do not store perishable and frozen products.

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